Advanced Technical Services Simplifies Your Automation Needs.

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Our company provides controls systems solutions for production and process automation. With over 20 years of automation experience we can provide a turnkey system for your processing requirements. Our team of Engineers can provide the best solution to your next process control or mixing project.

Simplify Your Business

With Advanced Technical Solutions, we simplify one of the most complex parts of your business. Let our AGV solution do your work without breaks, sick days, or risk of injury. This allows you to keep your valuable employees doing more productive work. We provide emergency support for our automation systems and can get your system up and running within hours.

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Experienced & Trusted.

We have been serving business for over 20 years with their automation needs, always staying up to date on the latest technology – ensuring our customers that they came to the right place!


We serve a wide range of needs, from PLCs, VFDs, Electrical, Conveyors, Robotics, Industrial Integration or even Repair. We will do what is needed to get your company up and running again.

AGV Systems

Welcome to FRED and FREDDIE
Our newest offering to help you streamline your operations and get an AGV system up and running in hours instead of days

HMI Systems

We have extensive experience with HMI and production monitoring. Let us simplify the process of engaging and interacting with HMI systems, saving you and your employees time.

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Advanced Technical Services
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