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FRED: The AGV That Can Deliver A Payback In Less Than 12 Months!

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As companies look for more productive ways to utilize their valuable resources the use of an AGV for basic tasks has never been more affordable and easier to setup. FRED will take over basic forklift tasks, such as raw product delivery, trash removal, packaging material supply and pallet delivery! The demand for forward thinking managers is to look for cost savings while improving the operational efficiency of the organization. Here are just a few of the features and benefits of FRED!

Feature Benefit
Short Payback This low-cost AGV can be up and running on day one, resulting in a payback of one year or less.
Safe Operation  FRED will travel its path safely and reliably.  Employee retention is important and providing a safer work place is essential for employee well being.
Efficient Means of Transport FRED will work through breaks and lunch hours delivering product reliably resulting in increased efficiency and labor cost savings.
Predictable Travel All organizations value employees as vital resources.  FRED takes away the human factor for simple tasks and frees employees up for more vital tasks.
Multiple Tasks FRED can easily move to different locations and routes using its onboard logic and I/O structure.
Multiple Modes FRED will operate as a conveyor top or a tugger AGV and can easily accommodate both modes for different products.
Demand Based Operation A wireless button mounted on a forklift or work cell sends FRED on a route path allowing full utilization
Proven Technology FRED is built upon the impressive ASI drive/gearbox combination with 60000 deliveries in the market.
Quick and Easy Setup Unlike complex installations FRED is rolled out without the need of a large project team.

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