AMR Systems with Advanced AI

In the demanding environment of a fast paced manufacturing or distribution center, the use of Autonomous Mobile Robots with advanced artificial intelligence is a critical component of an effective mobile transport installation.  The Gideon system uses the most powerful machine learning technology to adapt routes and keep product moving.  The integrated 3D vision system, developed over 3 years of research, guides the AMR system for intelligent movement and delivery of products. As costs to transport goods and materials increase, it is extremely important to use labor efficiently.  The basic movement of products should be carried out by an autonomous machine, reserving the more skilled labor for more critical tasks. 

Some features to consider critical for the AMR vendor include:

  • Machine vision using 3D Technology to identify objects
  • Depth cameras with 3D awareness and object detection
  • Powerful but easy to setup mapping software
  • Machine learning for object recognition
  • Advanced visual perception
  • Ability to work in complex environments
  • Hot swap batteries
  • Simple API to interface to a warehouse management system
  • 24/7 Support
  • RFID reader support
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