Pallet Dispensing Made Easy

Proper pallet dispensing is essential for any distribution center. The handling of pallets in your organization has the most potential to provide labor saving optimizing efficient mobilization of the pallets.  We offer the Pallomat system for efficient and versatile handling of pallets.  With one system we can dispense and stack pallets on demand.  The pallomat system will dispense pallets in a single or full pallet stack release.  It also provides a wireless interface to mobile forklifts, AMR systems, and pallet jacks.  Also, the manual system can easily dispatch the pallet on demand using a simple pushbutton interface. 

If you are interested in learning how the pallomat system can improve your business, schedule a free Zoom consultation on our homepage and we will be in touch quickly!

The pallomat system only requires a basic 120 VAC interface to power the unit.   The system has the following powerful features:

  • Easy installation with 24/7-365 technical support
  • Easy dispense of a single or on demand pallet stack
  • Self contained PLC with expansion IO
  • Light curtain for safety
  • Built in AGV Interface
  • 100% electric version
  • Ability to work in complex environments
  • Communicates with a range of driverless forkilfts
  • Simple API to interface to a warehouse management system
  • 24/7 Support
  • RFID reader support
Pallet Dispensing

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